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Welcome To The Horror Shorts

Horror Shorts are the appetizers or fast food of the horror movie world. When you don't have the time or attention span to sit and watch an entire movie, the horror shorts are perfect. Usually under 10 minutes in length, the producer does not have the time for unnecessary story telling. What would be a boring full length movie can still make an excellent horror short.

The Scary Halloween Club has searched the depths of YouTube for only the best of the Horror Shorts. We publish our findings every Tuesday on our Facebook Page on what we call the Tuesday Tale Of Terror. We hope you can join us.

If you have ever filmed or created an animated horror short, please send it to us. We would love to feature it on this website and the Facebook page. Keep an eye out for our Horror Short Contests in the near future!

So are you ready to be scared? Choose your Horror Short Genre below, turn the lights low, the volume up, and whatever you do, do not look behind you. They don’t like it when you look at them...

Horror Short Categories

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